New members please introduce yourself and your bikes


Postby u09521 » Fri Dec 04, 2015 3:54 pm

So my name is Dion, and no, I'm not a U-boat captain. Built 2 Minis, and a Suzuki LS400 lately. The LS was quite an challenge as it was a grey import and nobody has ever heard of it, let alone carry spares. Very popular in the US for customizing as LS650. I bought it for R1000 in Rustenburg, but somebody had opened it decided it was beyond repair, threw it back together and threw away a lot of parts. So after gettting rid of all the aluminium filings made a bobber. Still needs a decent seat though. My first bike was a Suzuki B200 in 1980 for R200 in Cafe racer style, without knowing it had a name - also had to rebuild. Used it for 2 years to varsity and back. Get on; open throttle full; get off; repeat. Various other bikes, nothing special. Now got B200 (1991? on reg paper) and GT200X5 (1980) under the spanner for old times sake. Thought I could use one as a donor, but hopefully I'll end up with 2 cafe style 2 strokes soon. No picture - only pieces at this stage. Got wheel rim rust challenges at the moment, and I'm surprised that spoke nipples are now a rare expensive import item. Intend to go to CMC this Sunday to see what can be learned and gained.
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Postby johnwightman » Sat Dec 26, 2015 1:30 pm

Welcome on board. Dion. We'll have to get you onto a BMW or something! John :)
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