Bike purchased with no registration papers.

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Bike purchased with no registration papers.

Postby davew30 » Sun Jul 07, 2013 9:12 pm

How many of you have had the problem of buying a bike with no registration papers? I have been given a bike which was abandoned . There doesn't seem to be any legislation to cover abandoned motor vehicles. The best information I can obtain through the KZN transport dept is that the license was last paid in 1992 and if I wish to register the bike in my name I would have to pay R 6000 in unpaid license fees. There was a trace to find the owner without success .
On the South African Government Services web page it states
You must apply to deregister your motor vehicle if it:

has been declared permanently unfit to be on a public road
has been stolen
has been permanently demolished
becomes exempt from registration.

The registering authority will then issue a deregistration certificate. A motor vehicle that has not been licensed for four years will be deregistered automatically.
I cannot deregister the bike because I am not the title holder . The KZN dont know who the tile holder is. They do not have a ID number for the person. They have not deregistered the bike. BUT the registration number is now used by a motor car in Veralum KZN .
Any body got any information that might help me solve this problem please contact me.
Dave Worth
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Re: Bike purchased with no registration papers.

Postby Jaws » Mon Jul 08, 2013 9:33 pm

Hi Dave

Please send me a copy of your post and I will reply and copy you in to several people who may be able to help.

Kind regards

John Austin-Williams
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